Payslip Information

Information to be reflected on payslip

wagesmart will provide you at each month end with a payslip for each employee

  1. On every pay day, the employer must give the farm worker a statement showing –
  1. the employer’s name and address
  2. the farm worker’s name and occupation
  3. the period in respect of which payment is made
  4. the farm worker’s wage rate and overtime rate
  5. the number of ordinary hours worked by a farm worker during that period
  6. the number of overtime hours worked by the farm worker during that period
  7. the number of hours worked by the farm worker on a paid holiday or on a Sunday
  8. the farm worker’s wage; 6
  9. details of any other pay arising out of the farm worker’s employment
  10. details of any deductions made
  11. the actual amount paid to the farm worker.
  12. the employer’s registration number with the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the employee’s contribution to the Fund and
  1. An employer must retain a copy or record of each statement for three years.