Why Register

Wagesmart is a self-help tool that is available on the Internet to manage the Labour Law requirements for employers and employees in private households and on farms.

Your first thought might be that this is way to complicated for me – I will give it a skip. However, this is most definitely not the case with Wagesmart. Let us explain…

What you will see, once registered, is a wizard-based system, or put in another way, a step by step process with clear explanations of what to do. No information overload or technical challenges. Actually, if you are familiar with browsing the Internet and using Facebook, this will be a breeze.

With the technicalities out of the way, your next question might be “Now what can Wagesmart do for me?”

As you may know, the Department of Labour is carrying out inspections throughout South Africa to determine whether you are compliant with the minimum wage and conditions of employment requirements. By following our wizards within the application and completing all the steps, you will receive the following in your registered email address:

  • A detailed contract, including a task list, disciplinary code and Code of Good Conduct – All you need to do is to print and sign it together with your employee, and hand the employee a copy. Now you are compliant!
  • Every month you will receive a detailed payslip – Once again, print and hand to your employee and you are once again compliant;
  • You will also receive a completed UI-19 return for UIF contributions for all your employees – submit the return and pay the contribution and you are once again fully compliant!

No more anxious moments when the Labour Inspectors are doing their rounds. However, that is only the beginning of many features that will make life easy for you. For example:

  • You will be able to change the hours worked and add overtime for every month;
  • Add and keep record of all types of leave;
  • View payslips online before finalised;
  • Easily issue disciplinary warnings and keep record of such warnings;
  • Review your employee’s performance and let them know how well they are performing their daily tasks;
  • In case of termination, receive a prescribed Certificate of Service;
And more…